Post Office

Early Postmasters for the Mirando City Post Office
Information submitted by William Layton

List shows Postmaster’s name, Date of Installment, Years of Service

Mr. Lee McAllister–May 18, 1922 (8 years)

Mr. J. E. McAllister–March 18, 1930 (5 years)

Mr. Alva O. Dannelley-May 3, 1935 (25 years)

Mrs. Marie D. Long-September 4, 1959 (29 years)

Mrs. Dorothy (Dot) Elliot-May 19, 1979 (6 years)

Mrs. Mary Davis Guerra-Feb. 1, 1986 to Dec. 29, 2012 (26 years)

The Mirando City Post Office was closed on Dec. 29, 2012.


Does anyone know the time period this post office building was in use?

5/28/07–This picture of the post office is the original building when the post office was established in 1922.

It was in use until the early 1950’s when my dad, Alva O. Dannelley moved it into what had been a service station.

 Clyde R. Dannelley
Florence, TX
MC PO DrawingPost Office drawing by James “Corky” Sinclair.

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