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      History of Mirando City Schools      

Written By: Mrs. Susie Staggs

From: The 1950 Pantherlog

The history of Mirando City Schools begins almost with the history of Mirando City itself.

Mirando City was founded in February, 1922 at which time the town was plotted and lots were sold.  Since there was no school district, parents with children of school age called a meeting and selected a committee to take up the matter of schooling for their children with O. W. Killam of Laredo, who was the founder of Mirando City.  Mr. Killam offered to pay one-half the salary of a teacher if the parents would pay the other half and secure a building in which to conduct school.

The Baptist Church of Laredo has erected a building in Mirando City for religious services and gave the town permission to use the building for school purposes.

In September, 1922, school opened with approximately fifteen pupils from the First through the Sixth Grades.  The term was for seven months.

The Mirando Independent School District was organized in March, 1923 and during that summer, a two-room building was erected on the campus.  The first bond issue was held August 10, 1923.  In September the first nine-month school term opened with a faculty of two teachers whose salaries were paid by the school district for seven months and by business men of the town for the remaining two months.

In the summer of 1925 a new building was erected on the campus.  This building later became the auditorium.  On August 10, 1925, at a mass meeting, a new school board was appointed who secured W. G. Herrington for Superintendent of the school.  The 1925-26 school term began with a faculty consisting of the Superintendent and two teachers.

On May 13, 1926 there eas a second bond issue and the school building was enlarged for the 1926-27 school term with the Superintendent and four teachers teaching ten grades.

The first commencement exercises, graduation from the 10th grade, were inaugurated on May 10, 1927.

During the 1927-28 school term, the Latin American Primary Department was added to the school.

In 1929, Mr. Herrington passed away, and J. W. Edgar became the Superintendent of schools assisted by a faculty of six teachers.  The first edition of MIRANDO PANTHER, the school paper, was published in October 1929, and the first Interscholastic League meet was held in March 1930.

Bonds were voted for a high school building on June 16, 1930.  September, 1930 saw the first four year high school in Mirando City classified by the State Department of Education.

Other memorable dates in school history are:

1931–First student body election.

1933–Mirando School was first all-around Bi-County Champions in Interscholastic League.

1935–Bonds voted for erection of new Elementary School Building for the term of 1935-36.

1944–Approximately 80 sq. miles was added to the School District by annexation of the Common School District known as Aviators.

1945–District Football Champions

1946–Bi-District Football Champions

1946–District Champions Basketball, runner up Regional Meet.

1949–March 19, Elementary Building destroyed by fire.

1949–May 31, Bond issue voted for erection of new Elementary School Building

1949–August 23, New elementary building construction started.

1949–October 4, Auditorium condemned.

1949–December 5, Bus garage construction started.

1949–December 7, Construction started on new auditorium.

Superintendents of Mirando Schools

1925-29–W. H. Herrington

1929-36–J. W. Edgar

1936-39–L. H. Hornberg

1939-41–J. D. Pilcher

1941-43–F. T. Bell

1943-present–E. W. Townsend

Above taken from The 1950 Pantherlog

Information below submitted by William Layton

1943-1958–E. W. Townsend

1958-1962–Mr. W. E. Johnson

1962-1966–Mr. N. O. Long

1966-1969–Mr. Scott Cockrell

1969-1972–Mr. Charles C. Larrison Jr.

1972-1974–Mr. Dale Hatley

1974-1986–Mr. Jack Daniels

1986-1993–Mr. Braulio Ruelas

1993-1994–Mr. Humberto Gonzalez

1994-1995–Dr. Charles Brassel

1995-1999–Mr. Braulio Ruelas

1999-2001–Mrs. Sandra Herrera

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