First Reunion Meeting Recap

The first planning meeting for the Mirando City 2015 reunion was held on June 4th and was a great success.  Below is a summary of what was covered in the meeting.

  1. Date for reunion set for the evening of Friday, October 9th and all day Saturday October 10th.
  2. First priority is to hire a caterer to prepare and serve lunch for people attending the reunion.  Several people had ideas and are getting prices before our next meeting.
  3. Discussed what we would try to plan for the reunion.  We discussed opening the Civic Center for a Friday night gathering for anyone in town early for the reunion.  We planned on having Civic Center open by 9 a.m. Saturday with coffee and snacks, lunch catered, possibly a small program or awards ceremony, and a dance in the evening with the day ending at mid-night.
  4. Discussed decorating the Civic Center on Friday and had a volunteer to decorate. (But help will be needed)
  5. Discussed ideas for fund raisers.
  6. Planned our next meeting for Thursday, June 18th at 6:00 p.m. at the Catholic Church Hall.

We would all like to make this reunion free for all who have ever lived, worked, or gone to school in Mirando City.  We would all like it to be free to attend with the exception of lunch.  We will have to hire a caterer and pre-sell tickets that will get you hopefully a very good lunch.  In order to do this we will have to have fund raisers and ask for donations to make this happen.  Things have changed since our last reunion 10 years ago.  The community center 10 years ago was there for community use and basically free for nonprofit or community services.  That has changed and will cost us approximately $350 to $400 just to book it and possibly more for other things.

So we need your help.  If interested in donating to make this reunion happen, contact anyone in the picture below or come to our next meeting.  You can also contact me by email at  I will also be setting up a donate link on this site in the near future.

Hope to see everyone on June 18th at our next meeting.

reunion meeting

Thanks Joanne B. Vincent for the picture.



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