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Welcome to Mirandocity.com.  Hope you enjoy this site that is dedicated to the town of Mirando City, Texas.  If you have any suggestions for this site or information that you would like published on this site, I can be reached at rlblack5@gmail.com  Also, there will be places on many of the pages where you can comment on items on this site.

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You can find your way around Mirandocity.com by using the black menu bar on each page of this site.  It will take you to every area of Mirandocity.com  Another easy way to find all the pages on this site is to go to the Mirandocity.com site map by clicking HERE .

There is a Facebook page called the Mirando City Panthers.  You can go there by going to Mirando City Panthers Facebook Page


Hope everyone enjoys the new Mirandocity.com



  • Michael Black says:

    My sister, mother, wife and I will be attending the reunion if all goes well. Looking forward to seeing old friends.

  • Jimmy Glenn says:

    Count me in on any reunion!

  • Juarez says:

    Any clue when wind turbine are coming?

  • Eddie Hoch says:

    Hey Robbie. As of right now I am living in Bryan and do not have anything to do. Perhaps in September I can come to Mirando and help you get ready for the reunion. Maybe someone has a room I can rent. I will try to have fish to cook like the other reunions. Also I am single and looking for a good woman that knows how to cook tacos the way Lala did, so if any of you beautiful ladies there from Mirando are looking for a young 75 year old give me a email at edgarh1125@hotmail.com

  • Elaine (Chandarlis) Sanders says:

    let me know when reunion will be and where it will be held!!

  • Bobby Garza class of 62 says:

    I agree with Eddie Hoch lets have a 2005 like reunion
    in Mirando . Thank you Robbie Black for a job well done.
    Bobby Garza

  • Yolanda Garza Ramirez says:

    great job love this website

  • Antonio Gonzalez says:


    And here I thought my days of living in the past were done, how wrong was I? LOL! Thanks for keeping us young forever, even if it is in pictures!! Panther Power is alive and well and in your capable hands.

  • Eddie Hoch says:

    Let’s do the reunion thing

  • Norma Davila says:

    Thank you Robbie for all your hard work and for all the great memories…

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