Civic Center Availability for Reunion

I have been getting questions about the Civic Center and if a decision has been made by the County Commissioners on the contract for the use of the building.  Below is a comment on the site and my reply:

Robbie–What is going on? Below is what you posted in bold on August 15,2015 Did we get the civic center for the reunion or not?
One item of discussion was the uncertainty over the availability of the Civic Center building. There will be a community meeting next Wednesday, August 19th at 5:00 p.m. at the Civic Center. Our county commissioner and county judge are scheduled to be there, so please show up and voice any concerns you may have about the Civic Center. We need to make sure that this building is available for what it was intended for, and that is for the benefit of our small communities……

My Reply

We had the meeting at the civic center, had a good turn out of local citizens, and voiced our concerns. The county judge and our commissioner attended the meeting. The county commissioners and county attorney are trying to approve new contracts for the usage of the county civic centers. During the process, they are not approving new contracts. Even though we had reserved the building before this process, we do not have a contract for the use of the building until the commissioners approve the terms of the new contract. The main new stipulations in the contract that are causing all the discussion are the use of alcohol on county property and the fees to be charged. The commissions met the Monday following our community meeting (August 24) and tabled the contract negotiations. I believe there is to be another meeting in the near future, but until then we do not have a contract to use the building. I wrote a letter to the county judge last week (emailed and mailed) asking to give us some word on the contract because we have people coming long distances to attend the event and if there is a chance we will not get the building, we need to know about it soon. As of today (September 8th) I have not heard back from him or our commissioner. I think we will be allowed to use the building, but there is a possibility that alcohol will not be allowed at the dance as it was at the past reunions and we may have to pay the standard fees for use of the building and security when in the past we were not charged because we were a community function. We are continuing as if we will have the building and will post an update when we know something new.


If anyone has new information on the Civic Center problem, please let me know.

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