2015 Reunion

Panther Pride!!!!!

Panthers For Life!!!!

The 2015 Mirando City Reunion was a great success.  Below are pictures from the reunion on October 9th and 10th.  More will be adding more photos soon, so check back often.

Check out the videos below of Bonnie (Sheeran) Mata.  In the first video, she gets the reunion crowd excited about a “bonfire”that no one knew about and for good reason, there was no “bonfire”.  We did still get to have a car parade and then sings school songs at Panther Field.  The second clip is Bonnie telling an emotional story about singing the school song and then leads the crowd in the singing of the Mirando City Panther school song.  Great job Bonnie.


Please excuse the shaky video.  First video, I knew what was going on with the “bonfire”and the second was pretty emotional….


  • Antonio E Gonzalez says:


    Unfortunately unable to make it, between work, crime never sleeps, wife and 3 grandkids and others at work hogging the vacation time…

    Pictures and videos are great, at least one of the Gonzalez clan, Evan and Cousin Danny, there to represent us!!

    Good to see others from various families, Gonzalez, which number in 1000’s there in MC and surrounding area, Pena, Rodriguez, Walker, Lira, Ramon, Perez, Vasquez, Pickens, Sheeran, along and of course Black. Apologies to any I don’t recognize, it has been 34 yrs after all since I left South Texas!!

    Until the next one, since I’m not getting any younger! Though, at some point in my travels, I think I might have had a drink somewhere from the “Fountain of Youth”. But, I will not let Ponce know and everyone can be the judge of that when the time comes!!


  • Roma Morales Gonzalez says:

    Had a wonderful time, enjoyed visiting with Melinda and Johnny Bill, Sylvestre Lira, Chale Rodriquez, Primo Walker…even had the opportunity to go visit Vaquillas Ranch. Robbie and the entire staff did an awesome job. Am looking forward to the next reunion, perhaps some of my classmates can make it (Alicia Lopez, Chuy Esquivel, Miguel & Evangelina Hernandez, Elvia Trevino, just to name a few). Again, it was great seeing everyone, especially my madrina Mary Lucy Chamberlain. Thanks for your hard work.

  • Terri Bradley says:

    Rosendo Garcia was looking so forward to attending this years reunion. He went through Mirando City most everytime he was in the area. I have his Panther Logs and would love to donate them to the reunion. If anyone is in my area (Wallis Tx) please contact me via email to make arrangements to pick them up.



  • Joanne Vincent says:

    Wonderful experience to have been a part of this project. Thank you for including me…now I have great memories of the Mirando City Panthers,too.

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